Warren Design & Build | Fresh Mozzarella and Other Italian Cheese…COMAT Dairy Equipment Comes to The USA
Warren Design & Build was founded in 2014 by Adam Sarson with two employees, Loyd Miller, General Manager and Lee Pettry. It was started as an answer to the void left when Astro Technical Services closed. Warren Design & Build is located at the same location and with the same employees. The business has served customers like: Delphi, Donaldson, Design Molded Plastics, Dillen, Tecnocap, Akron Rubber, RTI, Genie Garage Door, Laszeray and Applied Vision. The company specializes in designing and building automation for manufacturing. Warren Design & Build takes ideas and makes them reality in the manufacturing sector. We currently have 5 design engineers with over 100 years combined experience. The machine shop and build team has similar experience making Warren Design & Build the perfect solution for your automation, build and machine shop needs.
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Fresh Mozzarella and Other Italian Cheese…COMAT Dairy Equipment Comes to The USA

14 Sep Fresh Mozzarella and Other Italian Cheese…COMAT Dairy Equipment Comes to The USA

I am very pleased to announce that Warren Design & Build has entered into a joint venture partnership with COMAT of Bellizzi, Italy. This partnership will allow this new joint venture, COMAT-USA, to sell and service the COMAT Dairy Product line here in America.

First, who is COMAT? Comat is a maker of cheese machines, specifically fresh mozzarella machines and the products that support this food manufacturing operation. They have been in business since 1987 and have a wonderful product line, which can be found on their website, which I have listed here. They have been actively selling in the USA for 15 years and are well respected within the industry.   http://www.comatdairyequipment.com/

Why this product line for Warren Design & Build? Warren Design & Build is a custom automation company. I met COMAT two years ago when I worked with Tecnocap. I immediately fell in love with their product line and the idea of giving people, restaurants, pizzerias and grocery stores the ability to make GREAT mozzarella like we make great bread. I loved the idea, but I never imagined that I would have a platform to participate in this work.   However, one year ago, after starting Warren Design & Build, I realized that it would be the perfect platform to support COMAT here in the states. Six months ago COMAT visited Warren Design & Build and agreed. This past week, I was in Italy finalizing our relationship.

What does this mean? It means that we will immediately begin servicing COMAT’s existing US customer base. COMAT currently has an installed customer base of 20 users.   As one can imagine, servicing machines from Italy is both time consuming and expensive. With the help of COMAT’s current technical group, who will continue to assist and lead installations, we will slowly become trained to respond to issues quicker and hopefully with the same skill and service. This partnership also allows the new joint venture to approach business that was not possible before. Lower technology items like vats, tables and carts which are needed around the cheese making operation were not competitive when shipped in from Italy. Now, we believe that we can provide a complete solution to the dairy, including installation. Of course we will be actively pursuing new customers and promoting the Southern Italian Technology and Tradition that makes mozzarella the number one selling cheese in America.

What is different about Italian Technology? I think this is an important question because Mozzarella here in the USA is not always the same. Sometimes, mozzarella here, like at major pizza chains might not even be cheese (cheese being defined as made from milk). In making real mozzarella cheese the Italian way, we are starting with milk or milk curd and with natural activators and steam are creating a creamy deliciously moist mozzarella. We are bringing this technology so that fresh mozzarella is as available anywhere someone wants to make it. Our goal is to increase our presence at existing customers and expand our overall customer base, while maintaining the quality and service that has made COMAT the best choice for people wanting to make high quality mozzarella.

Thanks for your interest in our new partnership. You can reach me with questions at adam@warrendb.com

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