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Model 800 2

One of Warren Design's top purchased machines is our Model 800 machine. Each machine is processed through a refurbishing and calibration stage. We also sell the Model 19's and 21's, along with their respective parts.

The Model 800 is a double-laned compound application machine producing up to 800 lids per minute. While the 800's are double-laned, the 19's and 21's are a single-laned version, which can be more cost efficient at the price of a lower output.

Before being bought by WDB in June of 2018, these liners were previously owned by Henkel. The history of these machines date back over 50 years through company names like Dewey and Almy, WR Grace, Darex and Henkle. Dewey and Almy were the original manufacturers when the Model 800 was first created back in 1959. Machines of this first generation are still being used today and we are one of the few companies maintaining the Model 800 keeping them operating to the best of their ability.

Refurbish/Turn-Around Process

Wear and tear on industrial machining over the years can affect the output of your production line. Bring any machine into us to begin our refurbishing process or enter it into our exchange process. Our exchange process allows us to deliver a different refurbished machine in a timely manner. This process is not for everyone, but can be useful to those needing a machine in emergency situations.

Why you should buy your next new Liner from us:

  • Our liner is the best in the can market
  • Includes the "whole package" - We provide everything from equipment to technical services
  • We can supply replacement parts quickly, for both current and dated machining equipment
  • Our liner is proven in use for reliability and dependability
  • Our liner has the flexibility to change quickly from one size to another
  • Few moving parts and easy access permit simple and fast servicing
  • Our custom machines are built around all your manufacturing demands
  • Superior durability

Basic Model 800 Rebuild


  • Basic Rebuild Model 800 Liner
  • Basic Rebuild Model 21 Liner
  • Basic Rebuild Model 19 Liner

Our Specialized Facility Includes:
  • Chuck Lifting Cam Area
  • End Feed Slide Area
  • Tabletop Feed Parts
  • Stack Height Control Assemblies
  • Mill Size Capacity:
  • Chuck Lifting Beam and Chuck Shaft Area
  • Hand Wheel Area
  • Timing Assembly Area
  • Common materials we cut are:
  • Nozzle Assembly
  • Resurfaced Table Top
  • New YFD Motor
  • About the Compound Gun:

    This is where the compound adhesive is released to the lids. Due to variation in size, we offer a diverse range of tips / nozzles to fit your specifications.

    Compound Applying Machine Resources:

    • 800 book PDF
    • Assembly of gun PDF
    • Video of machine working

    Model 800 compound application machines
    Model 800 Custom Color G

    Learn more about our compound application machines and our repair and rebuild services.

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