Robotic Cell Design


Our robotic cell design utilizes the latest technologies from Fanuc, Motoman and Epson. This includes 6 axis robots in payloads from 10Kg – 2300Kg and reaches up to 15 feet. We also have Scara and 3 axis robots that when combined with an appropriate vision system can tackle all your robotic needs

We offer a one stop destination from robotic cell design to installments and training. Engineers will work with you each step of the way to ensure a smooth installation while utilizing the latest technologies and a vast network of robotic supplies. We operate Fanuc, Motoman and Epson robots to provide the best solution for your application. Flexibility throughout multiple Robot ecosystems will ensure you that we find an automated solution tailored to your needs at the best possible price point.

Robotic Cell Design and Engineering


Fanuc Robots are the most commonly used robots in the industry. With many different models it allows manufacturers to achieve their projects and goals. They are easy to operate and very well-known for their advanced workload.


Motoman Robots use industrial robotic arms to do their work. With a high payload, high-speed, and extended-reach arms with multiple axes they always get the job done right.


Epson Robots are smaller and lightweight. Due to their size and less capabilities, they do smaller jobs at a lower cost.

Robotic Integration

Using both new and reconditioned robotic systems, WDB offers a diverse spectrum of robotic applications and services. To ensure your product line operates efficiently, our robotic team is trained to select the best robotic cell design solution for any specific application needs including evaluations, custom designs, installments, and robotic system training.

Robotic Cell Solutions

In order to maximize each of our customers' output, our team of engineers use technology to demonstrate our automation abilities to fulfill any of your application requirements. We provide both two-dimensional and three-dimensional simulation visuals, so our customers know exactly what kind of robotic cell product they are receiving.

Robotic Cell Solutions Team

Welding Robots

We offer a variety of automated welding robotic cell solutions such as MIG welding, TIG welding, spot welding, and more. Not only is automated welding more environmentally friendly, but it creates a higher quality product with more consistent welds. These welding robots will provide the simplest path to maximizing welding productivity.

Material Handling Robots

Material handling robotic cells are one of the simplest ways to add automation to a work environment. WDB provides material handling robotic automations such as part selection and transferring, palletizing, packing, and machine loading. Material handling robotics not only make some of the most tedious jobs easier; but create a safer work environment by eliminating the more dangerous hands-on duties.

Robotic Repair Services

We provide full mechanical diagnostics to repair anything necessary to get your product line running smoothly again. Our robotic repair services and diagnostics are NOT limited to robotics sold by WDB. Our skilled team of engineers have the ability to break down any automated machining such as FANUC, ABB, KUKA, Motoman and many more.

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Robotic Work Stations

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