WDB offers innovative gear fabrication services through our gear manufacturing shop, formerly Zia-Tech Gear Manufacturing (ZGM), located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Custom Gears to Spec

Acquiring Zia Tech Gear Manufacturing has enabled us to provide the highest-quality, custom gears for many industrial machines and applications in various industries. Our experienced gear design, engineering, and manufacturing team will meet with you to facilitate your custom gear fabrication needs to specification.

Zia Tech Custom Gears

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    Spur Gears

    Spur Gears (straight-cut gears) are the most common type of gear. Spur Gears transfer motion and power from one shaft to another. Spur Gears are very efficient and can be customized to fit all your specifications.

    Bevel Gears

    Bevel Gears are used to connect shafts whose axes lie at an angle to each other. Bevel Gears are most often mounted at a 90-degree angle, but can be designed to work at other angles as well. There are two types of Bevel Gears, Straight Bevel Gears and Spiral Bevel Gears.

    Straight Bevel Gears

    Straight Bevel Gears are the most applied type of gear and have straight teeth that are cut along the pitch cone to intersect with the shaft axis.

    Spiral Bevel Gears

    Spiral Bevel Gears have helical teeth causing less vibration and noise. Spiral Bevel Gears are used in vehicle transmissions and other machinery requiring a drive to be turned 90 degrees.

    Worm Gears

    Worm Gears are an arrangement consisting of a toothed wheel worked by a spiral thread that engages with the toothed wheel. Worm Gears gears are great for machines like conveyor systems due to the shallow angle on the worm to keep it in place. At WDB we can make worm gears at any angle to precisely fit your specifications.

    Helical Gears

    Helical Gears are designed with teeth that are curved into a helix shape, which allow for a total contact ratio used to improve vibration and noise. There are two types of Helical Gears, Left-Handed Helical Gears and Right-Handed Helical Gears. These gears transmit energy through axial configurations, parallel and perpendicular. WDB can custom manufacture your Helical Gear application to exceed your satisfaction.

    Left-Handed Helical Gears

    Left Handed Helical Gears teeth lean to the left when placed flat on a horizontal surface.

    Right-Handed Helical Gears

    Right Handed Helical Gears teeth lean to the right when placed flat on a horizontal surface.

    Herringbone Gears

    Herringbone Gears are customized with a side-to-side combination of two Helical Gears of opposite hands. These can handle a great axial load. The groves in Herringbone Gears are shaped to look like a V. We carefully engineer and manufacture Herringbone Gears to assure they can handle the heaviest of loads with the most power necessary for your application.

    Rack and Pinion Gears

    Rack and Pinion gears are straight teeth cut into one square or round surface and operate with a pinion. Rack and Pinion Gears are typically used for steering to convert the circular motion of the steering wheel into linear motion required to turn the wheels.


    Warren Design & Build can customize specialty industrial gears to meet your specifications. Acquiring Zia Tech Gear Manufacturing has allowed us to become a leader in the industrial gear fabrication industry. Our gear engineering, machining, customer service, and efficient processing have a reputation that’s second to none. When you partner with us you know you will get quality industrial gears needed to perform in your environment.

    Custom Gears Manufactured to Specification
    Zia Tech Gears Pittsburgh

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