Industrial Machine Engineering

We push automation boundaries to expand your company’s manufacturing capabilities

Robotic Engineering

At Warren Design and Build, we are more than just a team of engineers. We are high-level problem solvers and dedicated professionals who are here to support your business with any manufacturing, machining, engineering, and operational challenges. We are an industrial machine engineering company pushes automation boundaries to develop and deliver top-tier automation machinery and automation solutions.

Our goal is to help you gain efficiency from our services. WDB engineering can do anything small to large scale when looking to expand your company's manufacturing capabilities. We will work with your team to accomplish any task at hand. We focus on providing our clients what they want with great responsiveness, timing, and pricing. Our team offers professional help in unique machine design and engineering, assembly, troubleshooting, and programming to find the simplest solution for your most difficult challenges.

Our engineering covers both mechanical engineering and electrical engineering with experienced specialists in each. Our team works together to design and build any project to meet your vision and needs. For years, we have been developing new solutions, technology, and ideas to meet our customers’ needs. We see each project as an opportunity and partnership with the overall goal to strengthen your operations. Our focus at Warren Design & Build is to help you overcome intricate engineering challenges by creatively designing and innovating systems that integrate to your specific manufacturing process.


WDB develops new Programmable Logic Controler (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions from start to finish. Programming services include offline programming and on-site commissioning. Specializing in the Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Automation Direct Platforms, our programming services include expert solutions to both manufacturers and machine builders.


WDB will help you troubleshoot PLC Systems, Field I/O, Drive Systems, Robotic Systems, and a wide range of on-machine and field devices connecting to these controls. We provide the technical knowledge to help troubleshoot, repair, and return to production quickly and cost-effectively.


We design and build functionally safe electrical control systems from the ground up. Customization is a key component to our unique services, where we adhere solutions provided to meet customer needs. These solutions include robotic, motor control, pneumatic control, coordinated motion control, servo control systems, and more.


Our team combines mechanical and electrical expertise to offer a complete machine solution customized to customer needs. With our wide range of capabilities, we pledge to be the best solution for any design and product you desire.

Why use WDB design services?

  • To help get your product from concept to final design and into production
  • Ability to use drawings for prototyping and production
  • Aids in manufacturing your product to reduce cost and improve quality
  • Our engineers are highly trained with the best tools needed to get the job done.
    Some of the preferences on CAD tools are:

  • SolidWorks (latest version)
  • Fusion 360
  • AutoCAD

  • Industrial Machine Engineering CAD
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